Prevent Performance Gaps in Marketing and Sales From Blocking Your Revenue Growth

Techniques for maintaining business momentum and containing costs during economic uncertainty.

The revenue engine of any organization is its Marketing and Sales team. When the engine is in tune and “firing on all cylinders” the company grows, revenue climbs, market share expands. However, when there are gaps in the Marketing and Sales organization the engine’s performance sputters.

What gaps?

  • Leadership vacancies in Marketing and Sales that exist for months on end

  • Temporary bandwidth gaps that prevent the company from jumping on market opportunities

  • Temporary skill-set gaps that hinder achievement of key objectives

These gaps rob your company of business momentum. And the sad truth is thousands of companies in the U.S. today consider the temporary decline of performance as acceptable, or at least unavoidable. That’s a myth.

"This topic is one of great importance to our economy and society. The chapters do a good job of identifying the general trends that would lead a company to consider the utilization of an interim manager."

--John Mavers, First VP, Washington Mutual Bank

This is the best (only?) book I've found that covers all of the details of selecting, hiring and managing Interim executives for sales and marketing. Have seen others but they are all from the Interim consultants' POV. This one is a guide for executives on the pros and cons and methodologies to work with Interims to build revenue and new business. Highly recommended.

--John Gilliam, VP, idMetric

I found Leadership on Demand very helpful and very timely. A chapter that is especially useful is Chapter 10 and the discussion about the total cost of a FTE vs. an interim. The authors provide examples and a great template for determining how cost effective an interim is.

--Casey Leaman, Escalade

The First Book to Shed Light on the Use of Interim Management for Marketing and Sales Functions

Leadership on Demand aims to debunk the two-headed myth that performance-robbing gaps in Sales and Marketing are “business as usual” and too expensive to fix.

How Smart CEO’s Tap Interim Management to Drive Revenue

This book is written for the busy CEO or COO. Using executive interviews and case studies to both illustrate and punctuate their points, authors Besondy and Travis paint a clear and concise picture of the problems caused by gaps in Marketing and Sales, how to recognize the issues, and how to solve the issues with interim managers (also referred to as interim leaders, fractional managers, and on-demand executives).


1. Introduction: Filling the Performance Vacuum

2. Knowing When It’s Time for An Alternative Solution

3. On-Demand Leadership for Small or Early-Stage Organizations

4. On-Demand Leadership for Large Organizations

5. Bridging Gaps During the Search for a Permanent Hire

6. Tips for Scoping the Engagement

7. When Not to Use an On-Demand Leader

8. Socializing the Engagement Within Your Organization

9. Finding On-Demand Leaders

10. Selecting and Managing the On-Demand Leader

11. Compensating the On-Demand Leader

12. Interims and Headhunters. Oil and Water?

13. Conclusion and Top-10 Takeaways

14. Resources

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Leadership On Demand gives extremely valuable and detailed advice on how to work with an interim manager to scope an engagement and how to gain acceptance within the organization for the interim engagement and its on-demand leader.

Justifying the Compensation

With interim leaders at director-, VP and C-levels demanding $900 - $3000 a day how can the company justify the expense? Leadership On Demand provides the right perspective for comparing interim management costs with those of a full-time executive, and the huge opportunity cost that are present when gaps exist.

Introducing the Performance Vacuum

The average tenure of a VP of Sales or VP of Marketing today hovers around 26 months. Leadership On Demand explores why this phenomenon exists and the impact it has on company performance. Two critical concepts are introduced in the book, the Zone of Declining Possibilities and the Performance Vacuum. Besondy and Travis then present how the strategic application of interim management can avoid these performance pitfalls.

Over 75 years of Marketing and Sales Experience

Besondy, Travis and editor, Heath, tap their considerable experience in marketing and sales for this book. The three contributors worked for large well-known companies such as Microsoft, Paccar, Citigroup, Boeing, Weyerhaeuser, McKesson, and Quest Diagnostics. They’ve also held leadership positions in early stage companies. Together they have over 15 years of consulting and interim management experience in scores of companies and industry segments.

Two Ways to Read Leadership on Demand

The book is available in paperback and eBook format. For the eBook format you’ll need software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader that can read a PDF file.

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